World Class Workload Automation Solution Deployment

Whether you need a new installation of IBM Workload Scheduler to enrich your company’s workload automation environment, obtain an assessment of an existing workload automation solution, build better processes to further automate your business, or integrate IWS into your in-house or specialty vendor products, you can count on Automatic IT’s depth of business experience, technical acumen, and project management savvy to successfully carry out any workload automation infrastructure automation project.

  • Workload automation requirements analysis and solution design
  • Best Practice deployment and configuration of your workload automation solution
  • Assesment/Health Check of your current environment
  • Integration with your other enterprise applications
  • High Availability
  • Disaster Recovery

Part of the value we offer to our clients is the ability to draw upon our extensive experience with IBM workload automation solutions across many industries and a wide range of client requirements. As part of every deployment project, we review how our clients are currently managing their workload and discuss issues and challenges in their environment. Based on these and many other inputs, we design, deploy, and go-live with IBM workload automation solutions that address all customer requirements.

Deployment Planning: What Happens Before Automatic IT Arrives

Pre-deployment activities capture your requirements, as well as validate that the solution design is appropriate for your environment and addresses all requirements. The needs of your individual stakeholder groups are addressed, reaching a common understanding for the entire implementation. Also, the readiness of your environment is assessed for readiness to deploy IBM Workload Scheduler, identifying prerequisite server administration tasks, firewall rule configuration tasks, and installation media downloads that must be completed prior to the start of deployment. We understand that our client’s team members are very busy and production issues take priority over project work. Clearly identifying prerequisites and ensuring they are complete before starting work allows us to deliver projects with fewer chances that activities will be delayed by unexpected demands on client staff. We find that using this approach helps keep projects on track and eliminates waste from potential idle time.

Deployment: How We Can Assist Your Team

Significant resources are needed to bring complex, multi-site projects to completion, once underway. From kick off to cutover, your Automatic IT team coordinates tasks, communicates progress, and mitigates the risks of cost overruns, scheduling delays, and extended periods of downtime.

Validation and Go-Live: Ensuring The Path To Value

Once a solution is implemented, application and integration testing and pre-production stress testing can help assure your solution performs as designed. User adoption services let you identify and segment end users according to how the solution best supports them. Expanding users’ knowledge of capabilities helps assure solutions are used as planned. Established metrics ultimately pinpoint how well the solution is benefiting your users and achieving expected ROI.