Migration Services

Automatic IT can help you complete your migration quickly, efficiently, and with the least impact to your existing batch processing.  Our consultants have years of experience assisting clients with migrations to Tivoli Workload Scheduler from competing products.  While our tools can automate a large percentage of the migration process, we understand that a migration is more than simply a mechanical conversion of the scheduling representation used by one product to the representations used by another.   Your organization likely has many scheduling environment stakeholders, such as schedulers, operators, administrators, application developers, end user, and others.   Each stakeholder typically has a unique set of requirements and migration concerns.  Part of a successful migration is to ensure that stakeholder requirements and concerns are addressed along the way.  Let us show you how our tools and experience can help you plan and execute a successful migration.

At this time we have tools to support migrations from the following scheduling systems:

  • AppWorx
  • BMC Control-M
  • CA AutoSys
  • CA Unicenter
  • Cisco Tidal
  • HelpSystems Robot/SCHEDULE
  • Windows Scheduler

If you are currently using a scheduling system that is not listed above, please contact us about the possibility of developing tools for your specific tool at no cost to you.  Given the design flexibility of our existing tool base, we can generally complete tools for a new scheduling system in less than 1 month.


FREE Assessment

Automatic IT offers its clients a no cost and no obligation migration assessment.  If you are considering a migration to TWS from a competing product, Automatic IT offers FREE migration assessments to assist you with your decision process. We work with you to obtain exports of the scheduling object definitions from your current scheduling products. Then using tools developed by Automatic IT, we analyze the scheduling objects to characterize the migration project.  From the tool results and information provided by you, we put together a presentation that walks you through your specific migration considerations. In addition, we assist you with the development of initial migration project plans and cost estimates.

What you can expect from an assessment:

  • High Level Migration Project Plan
  • Summary of your current scheduling environment
  • Summary of any migration exceptions identified from analysis of your scheduling objects.  Exceptions are cases where some manual intervention may be required during the migration.
  • Migration Assistance Estimate

Key Benefits

You can rely on Automatic IT to provide you with the highest quality service available in the industry.  The following are a few of the benefits you can expect from working with Automatic IT.

  • Experienced migration professionals that can guide you through any potential migration issues.
  • Guarenteed satisfaction
  • Tools to automate most of the scheduling object conversion.  
  • Ability to provide formal training or informal knowledge transfer on TWS.
  • Experience with migrations to both TWS Distributed and End to End scheduling networks.
  • Experence designing and deploying TWS distributed and End to End scheduling networks.